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Inspired by my 3 grandchildren; I love dressing them in quality and fashionable clothes. As you know children often quickly grow out of their clothing. So I went on a hunt for quality & affordable fashion clothing. I was amazed  on how much time I spent to just find a few pieces here and there worth purchasing. Therefore J&E Discount Store was born in November 2023. Let our team spend endless hours searching for quality/fashionable clothing for your children. Along the way we may find things for you to that are just too good to not pass by.

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Children Collection


Complete your Child's Outfit with an Adorable Hat!

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Knitted Breathable Elastic Short Boots Sneakers Children's Knitted Breathable Elastic Short Boots Sneakers J&E Discount Store

Children Collection


Step up your child's fashion game with the perfect shoe accessory!

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Color Block Handbag Love Tassel Crossbody Bags For Women - J&E Discount Store