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Pure Cotton Thickened Newborn Baby Swaddling Anti-kicking Quilt

Pure Cotton Thickened Newborn Baby Swaddling Anti-kicking Quilt

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Safe material, the baby swaddle blanket is made of high-quality cotton, which is breathable, soft and skin-friendly. It protects the baby's delicate skin from damage and provides the softest care for the baby.
Bionic concept design, this swaddle blanket adopts the bionic concept design, which can create a comfortable and safe sleeping environment like a mother hug for your baby.
Windbreaker hat design, this baby swaddle blanket has a triangular windproof cap. When outdoors, this hat has an effective windproof effect and can prevent the baby from catching cold. And it can block the sun in summer.
Adjustable shoulder strap, this strap can be flexibly adjusted according to the baby's body shape at different ages, which is very convenient and durable.
Washable, this product can be hand washed or machine washed regularly to keep it clean and prevent the growth of bacteria.
Scope, the baby swaddling blanket is suitable for babies from 0-6 months old, and babies around 2 years old can also be used.

Product category: quilt
Fabric: Pure cotton
Suitable season: winter, autumn
Filling: polyester cotton
Pattern: shape
Supply category: Spot
Color: leaves, shells, building blocks, woods, wooden horses, pink bears, smiling faces, poached eggs, frogs
Specifications: Free size (0-6 months)
Suitable age: infants and children (1~3 years old, 80~100cm)

Packing list:
Quilt x1

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